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Effective training through knowledge, skill and heart.

Whether you want to learn a fun activity or sport with your dog, or you need help with a  challenging behaviour, I will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and training skills you need, and I will support and coach you & your dog to become a confident, connected team, who enjoy life together!

Round that off with wellness support through balanced nutrition, physical care, and emotional support through aromatherapy & flower essences for your dog, to ensure he/she stays healthy, fit and happy!

My aim is to help you to build and transform your relationship with your dog, no matter what age or stage you and your dog are at. Through combining modern, effective, positive re-enforcement training methods, and a holistic, heart based, partnership and wellness approach, I will help you and your dog to reach your full potential.

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About Me

I would like to invite you on a journey to discover and experience an amazing and fulfilling life with your dogs! ARE YOU READY?

Hi, I’m Sue Mimm, a certified professional dog trainer and behaviour therapist.  I would like to help you build an amazing, connected partnership with your dog, so that you can turn your challenges into triumphs, enjoy activities together, and bring about calmness and balance into everyday life with your dog!

I will coach you to become a calm and confident partner and guardian for your dog, teaching you how to understand, communicate and collaborate as a team, and overcome any challenges and undesirable behaviours that present themselves.


Sue helped us a lot in a very difficult situation as being in a new country with a dog not easy to deal with. She proved to have a great understanding of Madiba’s needs and led us both through an improving path with her activities and tips. Professional and friendly, she is a person very … Continue reading Emanuele & Madiba

Emanuele & Madiba

“Mir gefählt die Einstellung der gewaltfreier Erziehung, es war mir wichtig die Prinzipien zu verstehen, dadurch kann ich auch noch andere Dinge umsetzen.” ~ Elisabeth M.

My Dogs

Charlie is a 6 year old Springer Spaniel / Border Collie cross who joined our family when he was 9 months old.
He is intelligent, funny and lives life at top speed!  He is also my most valuable teacher and my inspiration to keep learning, improving and becoming a better trainer and partner each and every day!

Leila is a 5 year old Labrador who is my shadow, my heart and soul dog.  She is grounded, devoted and enthusiastic.  Always up for a new challenge and loves to please the people in her life.

Together with both my dogs we enjoy doing Scent Detection, Treibball Freestyle, Rally Obedience and Trick Training.  But, best of all we love going on long walks and hanging out with the family!


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