How does it work?

Effective training through knowledge, skill and heart.

Whether you want to learn a fun activity or sport with your dog, or you need help with a  challenging behaviour, I will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need, and I will support and coach you & your dog to become a confident, connected team, who enjoy life together!

Round that off with wellness support through balanced nutrition, physical care, and emotional support through aromatherapy & flower essences, to ensure your dog stays healthy, fit and happy!

My aim is to help you to build and transform your relationship with your dog, no matter what age or stage you and your dog are at. Through combining modern, effective, positive re-enforcement training methods, and a holistic, heart based, partnership and wellness approach, I will help you and your dog to reach your full potential.

How does it work?

From Spring through until Autumn, I offer group training at our beautiful, well maintained outdoor training facility located behind the village of Söll, in Tirol.

Groups are small (max. 6 participants) to ensure personalised attention and tuition.

“No learning can take place if you or your dog are feeling anxious or uncomfortable.”

Safety is my priority, as well as creating a positive and stress-free environment for dogs and people during training sessions.  Learning should be fun and enjoyable for those on both ends of the leash, and all dog & owner teams are allowed to progress at their own pace with the exercises.

Group classes include; Puppy Basics & Socialisation; Junior  and ‘Super Dogs’ course;  ‘Teambuilding Fun’ Sports group (includes ground level elements from various sporting activities); Rally Obedience and Scent Detection for the family dog.

The goal of the group classes is for you and your dog to learn the skills you need to work together as a team, and to strengthen your bond.  You will really get to know your dog better – what motivates both of you, your strengths and weaknesses and how to collaborate together to achieve your goals and have fun together.  Your dog will learn skills including focus, flexibility and self control whilst working and playing comfortably around other dogs and people.

For those who prefer the flexibility of individual training, or for dogs who are not comfortable in a group class, I offer one-to-one training sessions and home visits, to help you work through challenges that you are having  in everyday situations, within your home  environment or out and about on walks.

The 3 Key Elements to my approach:


Communication is a way of connecting with one another. It is the first step to fully understanding your dog and being able to dialogue in a language that you both understand.  I will teach you a way of ‘listening’ to what your dog is ‘saying’ and understanding how he feels about the world around him.  And, I will show you how you can respond to your dog in a clear, kind manner, so that he understands what you are saying and what is expected of him.

“Listen deeply, with the intention to learn and understand .”


Trust is a deeper level of connection. To trust someone, means that you are confident in their ability to keep you safe, both physically and emotionally. It also means that you believe they are reliable and honest.

I will help you to become a trustworthy, heart-connected leader, guardian and friend for your dog, so that he will trust you to guide him through life safely, and will respond by being a responsible, trustworthy partner who loves to be with you and do things together with you. 

“Mutal trust leads to a deeper level of connection between you and your dog.”


My aim is to help you build a partnership with your dog, so that can enjoy life together as a confident, happy team! 
By learning to respect each other’s needs, and embracing your dog’s individuality and yours, you can learn to live in harmony, and resolve any conflict or challenges that may arise along the way. 

“A successful partnership with your dog is a result of living a balanced lifestyle, sharing mutual trust, a heart connection and ongoing communication.”

Sue helped us a lot in a very difficult situation as being in a new country with a dog not easy to deal with. She proved to have a great understanding of Madiba’s needs and led us both through an improving path with her activities and tips. Professional and friendly, she is a very reliable and capable person.

Emanuele & Madiba

Mir gefällt die Einstellung der gewaltfreier Erziehung, es war mir wichtig die Prinzipien zu verstehen, dadurch kann ich auch noch andere Dinge umsetzen.

Elisabeth and Fanni

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