All services offered in both German and English Languages
  • Dog Training – Various Courses or Private lessons for all ages, stages & breeds – from puppies to seniors
  • Relationship Coaching – how to build and maintain a deep, loving bond with your dog based on trust, co-operation and mutual respect.
  • Team building activities for you and your dog
  • Wellness & Fitness coaching for your dog
  • Individual Consultations
  • Remote coaching via live online meeting/video
  • Online Courses (Coming soon!)

Holistic Behaviour Therapy

I take a holistic approach to dog behaviour, and I believe the key to helping dogs who are expressing ‚difficult behaviours‘, is first to restore mental, physical and emotional well being.

Why? Because when our dogs are stressed out, reactive, distracted, hyperactive, jumping up, lunging, barking, nipping etc. they are not in a ‚thinking‘ or learning state of mind. Their behaviour is reflecting how they are ‚feeling‘ in that moment or situation, ie anxious, stressed, fearful, frustrated, insecure, over-aroused, unwell, unsafe, etc. And, just as we humans might ‚act-out‘ or express our emotions, sometimes in an ‚inappropriate‘ way, our dog’s behaviour is simply a natural, instinctual response to the way they are feeling in any given situation.

So, if we can help our dogs to ‚feel‘ better, then we can help them to see the world and the way they experience it, in a much more positive way.

My aim is to help you to understand what your dog is expressing through his behaviour, and to find solutions that will address the underlying cause, and will enable you and your dog to enjoy a happier, more balanced and harmonious life together.

Sounds too simple? Well it is pretty simple. I won’t ask you to spend hours and hours training your dog ’not to do that‘ (whatever the problem behaviour might be). Instead, I will inspire you to help your dog become a calm, confident, well-balanced and trustworthy companion!

I will show you how to build a relationship based on trust, confidence, mutual respect, communication and co-operation. When you have this, you will have a dog who really wants to follow your lead. A dog who will look to you for guidance and support, and is happy to co-operate with you in all situations. You will have a dog who enjoys being with you and doing things together with you.
I will also coach and support YOU to becoming the kind, calm, confident and supportive partner your dog needs, to help him navigate this sometimes busy, stressful and confusing world we live in.

Does this sound like something you want with your dog?

I look forward to sharing my heart-centred, partnership-based methods with you. You will be amazed at how easy, fun and rewarding it is for both you and your dog, and the amazing results you can achieve.

And, just in case you are wondering…..these methods are tried and tested by thousands of dog owners, and backed up by the latest scientific methodologies. No force, no harm, nor bribing. It works!

Give me a call today – it’s a FREE 15 minute introduction call – so that we chat about the problem you may be experiencing, and what programme might be best suited to help and support you and your dog.

  • Separation distress
  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Leash walking challenges
  • Reactivity towards other dogs and / or people
  • Resource guarding
  • Puppy 101
  • Doggy Puberty challenges
  • Everyday life skills for dogs and their people
  • Rescued & Re-homed dogs

Individual Consultation

In the comfort of your home and / or at our private training facility / or other suitable location.
Personal one-to-one coaching based on your / your dog’s individual needs.
Plan to support your progress
Weekly visits or check-ins via virtual online meeting
Regular video analysis and feedback
Telephone & email support in between visits

Don’t live in Austria / Tirol? I offer remote coaching!
I also offer remote consulting and coaching via online video link / chat.

Individual Consultations / Holistic Behaviour Therapy
60 Minutes sessions, in the privacy of your home
and/or at a chosen location
€ 50 –
Set of 4 Individual Coaching Sessions / Holistic Behaviour Therapy taken over a 6 week period
Intensive coaching and training tailored to your specific needs
Travel Costs for home visits
Within 8 km radius of Wörgl – no charge
More that 8 km from Wörgl

€0,40 per km
Remote Coaching and Training – tailored to your needs
Via online meeting and video – per hour
Puppies 101 – 8 Week Course (Privatunterricht)
see further details here
Junior Dog – 8 Week Course (Privatunterricht)
see further details here
Smart Nose – 6 Week Course
Scenting games & activities for the Family Dog
see further details here
Partnership Walks – Learning to enjoy stress-free, fun walks in nature with your dog
Private Sessions – 1 hour
Small Group Social Walk – Max 4 participants – 1 hour

€ 40,-
€ 20,-p.p
Tricks & Treibball – Fun, team building activities that will delight and inspire!6 Week Course €175,-
Wellness Coaching – Tailored to suit your dog’s needs/breed/age
Including advice on nutrition, essential oils, flower essences, and other holistic therapies / modalities
First private consultation
Set of 4 follow-up consultations

€ 50,-
€ 175,-


Schedule your FREE telephone / live chat appointment so that I can get to know you a little better and discuss the best coaching / training options for you and your dog!